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Read: Time:2018-03-09


Technical Specifications 

Model No.: RFS-4000K

Mode: Cut, Cut&Coag, Coag, Fulguration,Bipolar

Working Temp.: 40-70℃

Output Voltage: 220-240V or 110-120V

Output Power: 0-100W

Output Frequency: Monopolar mode 4.00MHz. Bipolar mode 1.71MHz



Expert of minimal invasive surgery

4.00MHz RF technology in Monopolar mode

1.71MHz RF technology in Bipolar mode




Dermatology/ Plastic (Cosmetic) Surgery / RF Mole Removal / Wart, Nevus Skin Tumor

Oculoplastics / Trichiasis Surgery / Stomatology / Dental

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery / Pain Clinic / Orthopedics

ENT / Nasal Polypectomy / Maxillofacial Surgery

Gynecology (LEEP) / Colposcope / Hysteroscopy / Endoscopy Biopsy


 High frequency-low Temperature 

The high frequency minimizes heat dissipation and thus cellular alteration. Clinical benefits include reduced post-operative discomfort, less tissue alteration, maximum readability of histologic specimen, minimal scar tissue formation and enhanced healing, beyond the Laser and the Lower Frequency.




Bipolar Forcep

Surgical Pen

Neutral Plate

Surgical Electrodes (Optional)