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Common problems:

(一) Error display

According toerrornote
neutral electrode red lightneutral electrode link failureDetection of neutral electrode is good

(二) Audio output table

serial numberAudio propertiesCharacter descriptionnote
11 normal buzzerBass for 0.5 secondsNormal initialization
2Fault soundLow high-pitched tune up two: drip dripneutral electrode failure
3Confirm soundHigh and low tuneneutral electrode failure recovery
4Radiofrequency ablation output Effective buzzerhigh continuous toneEffective output during radiofrequency ablation
5Radiofrequency condensate output Effective songBass continuantEffective output during radiofrequency coagulation
6Fault soundsame tuning two tone: drip dripIndicates a fault, see error display

(三) Common problems to deal with

phenomenonwhyElimination method
Open the power switch,
the equipment without any response
1,the net power outage;
2,connect the power cord is not;
3,fuse fusing.
1,connect the power supply;
2,connect the power cord;
3,replace the fuse.
In normal work setting,
significantly lower output power intensity
Settings or equipment can't work normally
1,neutral electrode poor contact;
2,using method is not correct
1,the correct connection good neutral electrode;
2,repair or replace accessories;
3,please industry to solve