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Arab Health 2020

Read: Time:2020-02-13

The Arab international medical equipment exhibition is the largest international medical equipment exhibition in the Middle East. Since first held in 1975, the exhibition scale, the number of exhibitors and visitors expanded year by year, from China, the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil and other countries of the exhibitors to participate in the exhibition, the exhibition attracted a Middle East hospital administrators and medical equipment dealers to visit, negotiate trade.



“Beijing Kestrel Co.,LTD” was invited to attend the exhibition. As the leader of Radio-frequency surgery equipment, we take RF surgery equipment RFS-4000K and RFS-4000KD and RFS-4000KS,low temperature plasma surgery system LPS-100K.Our products are favored by doctors and distributors and show a high degree of cooperation intention.


“Beijing Kestrel Co.,LTD” is committed to the application of RF technology in the field of medical precision and minimally invasive. The 4.0Mhz radiofrequency grade high-frequency surgical equipment and radiofrequency surgical electrode developed and produced by our company have functions of low-temperature cutting, bipolar ablation and coagulation. During the operation, there is no carbonization of the tissue, the thermal damage is small, the safety is high, and the tissue can be biopsies. It is widely used in orthopedics, spinal surgery, gynecology, ophthalmology, dermatology, plastic surgery, stomatology, dermatology and other departments.


The 1.71Mhz radio-frequency surgical equipment and high-frequency endoscope (lumbar / cervical) surgical electrodes developed and produced by “Beijing Kestrel Co.,LTD” can perform ablation and coagulation in all directions under the intervertebral foramen. A series of related equipment is being developed and registered.


“Beijing Kestrel Co.,LTD”has always adhered to the business philosophy of "integrity-based, customer first", and adheres to the quality policy of "standard operation, rigorous management, first-class quality, honesty and law abiding", and provides solid, dedicated and effective services to clinical patients.